Yahoo! BOSS v2 Arrives

This week Yahoo! launched version two of BOSS(a “build your own search service”), a data API that gives developers access to web search, image and news content for a usage fee. Version one of BOSS will be shut down this summer, scheduled for July 20, 2011. The primary changes in version two are that web and image search results and now sourced from Microsoft’s search engine, Yahoo branding attribution is now required (the first version allowed for white labeling), and arguably the most significant in that developers are now charged based on query volume. The Yahoo! Search Boss v2 API Guide can be found here which includes information on using oAuth with the new API, syntax specification on querying the API and the formats, and syntax for calling ads from the platform. Technorati: Yahoo!, Yahoo! Boss

Yahoo! Clues Search Trends

Yahoo! has released a new Web based tool which offers an interesting and visually appealing way to explore search trends. Yahoo! Clues provides a way to discover and compare trending information. What makes Clues so interesting is that it provides not just search volume charts, but demographic graphs, maps and even related searches to a demographic group. It makes Google Trends look like an elementary-level Excel spreadsheet in comparison. Noteworthy features include the ability to compare two terms, a time filter (only for the past one, seven and 30 days) and of course the information categories which delve into gender, income, and location. Yahoo! is also experimenting with a feature called “Search Flow” which offers insights into search patterns and the next most probable search term people try after searching for a query. Also for the search marketers, Yahoo! has…