Yahoo! BOSS v2 Arrives

This week Yahoo! launched version two of BOSS(a “build your own search service”), a data API that gives developers access to web search, image and news content for a usage fee. Version one of BOSS will be shut down this summer, scheduled for July 20, 2011. The primary changes in version two are that web and image search results and now sourced from Microsoft’s search engine, Yahoo branding attribution is now required (the first version allowed for white labeling), and arguably the most significant in that developers are now charged based on query volume. The Yahoo! Search Boss v2 API…more»

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Visitors, SEO & Marketing

I’m happy to see that Google is starting to give page ranks back. While I’m not back to my PR6, the PR3 is just as good for the time being. I do hope to get my original rank back but that’s something I’ll have to take up with them in the future. I know what I’m going to have to do in order to make that possible so I’m not too concerned with it. In the meantime, I’ve been going through quite a few resources to help me with my SEO techniques. I’d like to properly market my portfolio. Word…more»

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Stylish Web Design

I do a lot of surfing around the Internet, probably more than I really should considering I have a mountain of work to do. Today I came across a site that’s pretty similar to my own. It’s a design blog that houses numerous articles for just about everything connected to the Internet. I spent a lot of time reading through all of the articles and a few of them really stood out for me, mainly the one I read about customizing user accounts on Windows Vista and the favorite article of mine was on the topic of how important joining…more»

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As I noted in a previous entry today, I’ve been floating around a lot of different websites in search for new and interesting ideas. I would also like to add a few more websites to my RSS reader (courtesy of Google of course) so finding any sites that will spark my interest are more than likely going to make it into my bookmarks. Today I found, it’s a blog for web design and being as I’ve done the same thing here on my own site. While there isn’t any major “Web Design” going on with this particular site, there…more»

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89 PC Tips – Web

Over the course of the next couple of days, I’m going to post quite a few articles in relation to the 89 best PC tips. This will include everything from Audio, iTunes, Email, Productivity, Mac OS X Tips & Tricks, Security, Travel, Video, the Web and even Media in general! This is a very well thought out and well written list originally from Laptop Mag. I enjoyed reading this article so much that I decided it was worth re-publishing. All of the original copyrights are in place, the next series of articles, titled 89 best PC tips, are completely credited…more»

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The World Is Yours Now

I spend a lot of time floating around the Internet. The bulk of my time is reading into new Business and Technology techniques and products, but my downtime consists of weblogs written by bloggers from all over the world. Today I spent a few hours floating around on Blogspot. I have to say that I enjoy going through their “Next Blog” option. It gives you the ability to go through a big database of bloggers without having to open a new tab to have a links page to refer to, it makes life a bit simpler when you have way…more»

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Keeping Busy

I’m the kind of person who likes to keep myself busy. Unfortunately, for the past few days I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to stretch some bills around so I can take the little money I have and invest it in a new place to house my websites. I’m not talking about the server aspect of things, I’m talking more along the lines of my reseller account. I house all of my personal and business related sites on a different server. This way if something goes down it’s easy for clients to still get in touch with me.…more»

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