Gateway – T2330 Laptop

I’m still looking around for an Intel based PC that’s going to give me the ability to install the Mac OSX. I know it may be easier to just go out and purchase a $2200 Macbook Pro but why would I want to spend that kind of money when I can get the same statistics in a $600 windows based laptop? So the one I found was an Intel Pentium Dual-Core, 15.4″ screen, 2GB Ram, 160 GB hard drive, 128 Graphics, and 4 USB ports. Considering my main concern is the Intel processor and at least 2GB of ram. I figure I’ll be able to run OS X Leopard with no problems at all. I have the installation disk for it, it came with the iMac, I just don’t want to upgrade from OS X Tiger yet – that’s all….