XHTML No More?

According to recent information found on W3.org, XHTML is going to be ‘discontinued’ so to speak. They claim that no one really uses XHTML and now since they’re working on HTML 5.0, they feel that XHTML will no longer be the elite form of code that many designers once agreed it was. What do you think? Are you an XHTML junkie or can you just handle the new HTML 5? Technorati: XHTML, HTML 5, W3

Templates coming soon!

It’s taken me a little while but I’ve finally came up with a few designs that I’m happy with to offer for visitors looking to punch up their blogs. As of right now the templates will be WordPress based, I will have other formats coded in the near future though. All of the templates work under Web2.0 and are what I believe to be innovative enough to be the next best thing in blogging since well…wordpress. I’ll have more updates on this soon as well. I know, I know…plenty of updates without any actual visuals – I’ll have them up soon I promise! Technorati: WordPress Themes, Blog Templates, Web2.0