Nothing to watch.

Even with over 400 channels to flip through during my down-time, I’m still wondering what the point is for even paying for half of the ones we have. I wish you could pick and choose your plan, no one needs (or watches) half of the channels given to you with this line-up. Who seriously needs to sit back and watch a “Jewelry” channel where it’s all bobbles, all the time? It makes no sense to me. I’ve found that I still stick to the standard channels we had before, there’s only one addition at this point. I flip between Lifetime and MPT (local channel). I also float around Comedy Central and Discovery Health quite a bit as well. I’ve added BBC America because of my love of British TV, I just wish there was more British Comedy. I’m sure that’s…

Cable Upgrade

Sean recently upgraded the cable.  Up until a few weeks ago he was spending about $100 a month for Basic Cable and Internet from Comcast.  He was also spending another $30 on Vonage (which sucks horribly).  So he got a mailer about a new triple-play option from Comcast where you have basically everything you could imagine for $130 a month.  So he got rid of Vonage and then signed up for this triple-play and now we have over 400 channels, including the premium ones (HBO/Showtime/Starz – etc) as well as faster cable and a better phone line. My only complaint?  He’s got two boxes, an HD one for the TV in the office and a standard box for the TV in the living room.  I have an HDTV in the bedroom and with no box I still have basic cable….

Superior Television Research

With the rise in sales for the Christmas season, it’s no surprise that people are doing some personal shopping just to get some great deals. Sure, you’ve got grandma and numerous other family members to think about but on almost every shopping list this year there’s going to be some kind of electronic device that’s very pricey and definitely worth the money. This to many people is known as the flat screen HDTV. They come in all shapes and sizes, from countless technology companies. What most people don’t know, however, is all of the research done before the model you’re drooling over is even sent to consumers. With a market size of $15.6 billion for flat panel televisions, manufacturers and retailers are competing for a slice of the pie. Say you’re in the market for a toshiba HDTV. The first…

Consumer Reviews – Not Helping Me!

I’m doing some poking around in search for reviews on a few different televisions that Sean and I are interested in.  We know for sure that we’d like an LCD HDTV in the living room, I’ve settled upon a 32″ knowing that it’ll be more than large enough for the two of us considering the largest TV in the house at the moment is a 27″ but since that’s in the office I hardly ever get to watch it.  I have a 20″ for the bedroom and that’s staying where it is, more than likely getting one just like it for the new office and calling it a day.  The bump in the road is which TV to choose for the living room.  I know that in the end we’ll have to go there and actually look at the…

Samantha Who?

I was watching TV earlier after dinner and I came across a new show on ABC starring Christina Applegate named “Samantha Who?”.  When I first saw the show I thought it was going to be kind of sucky, until I started getting into it.  The main character, Samantha, is a psychiatrist who was in an accident and now suffers from amnesia.  She’s forced to relearn everything that she was in her life and she isn’t too happy to find out who she really is.  The first epsiode can be found on I believe, if not I’m sure there’s a trailor for it somewhere. It’s worth checking out. I’m kind of looking forward to next week, depending on whether or not I’m anywhere near a TV of course. Technorati: ABC, Samantha Who?