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With the horrible weather to hit the east coast this past week, it was no surprise to me when the servers went down. I kind of have them scattered about with different companies and the one located on the east coast was hit pretty hard with a nasty storm, borderline tornado. I know that there’s nothing I could control in that situation but now I’m thinking I need to move everything to a place where the biggest weather issue is the lack of rain. So after talking to Jackie I’m now looking for hosting companies based on the west coast.…more»

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As I noted in a previous entry today, I’ve been floating around a lot of different websites in search for new and interesting ideas. I would also like to add a few more websites to my RSS reader (courtesy of Google of course) so finding any sites that will spark my interest are more than likely going to make it into my bookmarks. Today I found maxwebdesign.edu, it’s a blog for web design and being as I’ve done the same thing here on my own site. While there isn’t any major “Web Design” going on with this particular site, there…more»

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$8 RX Glasses

While I absolutely hate to admit it, part of me believes that I’m beginning to lose my eyesight. When you look at a screen all day long and rarely focus on anything else, things just don’t work as well as they used to. I still have better eyesight than anyone I know, probably because I come from a family where almost everyone needs glasses in order to see, and my sister is one of them but she’ll NEVER admit to it until she’s completely blind and attempting to drive somewhere. My father on the other hand, he’s needed glasses on…more»

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Eye Sight is going on me…

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m having trouble seeing unless I’m looking at some kind of a brightview LCD monitor. I have no problem seeing on the Mac, I don’t even have trouble on this new monitor. When I’m looking at CRT’s or even TubeTV’s my attention span is null and void because I can’t get my eyes to focus. They keep crossing on me for some reason and then I wonder if I’m just over working these days. Both Sean and my father have pretty bad eyesight. A few nights ago I put on Sean’s glasses before I put them…more»

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I’m someone who likes to decorate, this is going to be the death of me when Sean and I finally do get into our own place. Of course the initial needs of basic furniture to get us by will be the first priority but I also like punches of color here and there and I know that no matter where we wind up we’re either going to have light colored carpets or hardwood floors. Rugs are a pretty big expense but it also depends on where you get them. If I’m going as far as putting one down in an…more»

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Gambling and Online Casinos

A few weeks ago Sean and I went up to Atlantic City to take quick weekend vacation. Unfortunately we didn’t win any money and came in just under breaking even so while it was a loss financially, it was still nice to get out of the house for a few days. Since then I’ve been itching to get back there, so much so that I’ve been pushing Sean to bring me back up for Valentines day. I’m not sure if that’s actually going to happen but it’s nice to look forward to it of course. Since then I’ve been floating…more»

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INC Paradise

If you’re new to the game, then I’ll tell you that starting a business isn’t easy. Anyone who’s been down that road can tell you it from the get go. There are companies out there that do the bulk of the work for you, as far as legalizing things is concerned, and it really helps you out in the long run when you aren’t filling out a stack of paperwork while you’re trying to get your business off the ground at the same time. There’s a company out there that’s helping thousands of entrepreneurs start their own businesses each year.…more»

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Lunarpages Webhosting

For those interested in affordable hosting, one resource you may be interested in is Lunarpages. Right now they’re offering Lunarpages Coupons which can save you some money when purchasing a web hosting plan from them. I don’t personally know anyone who uses Lunarpages, but I do know that based on some of the reviews I’ve read, many people are very happy with their services. Their webhosting is pretty affordable as well. Right now their basic hosting plan is $6.95 per month and includes 350GB of disk space and 3500 GB of bandwidth. You’re also given a free domain name for…more»

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Starting a Company?

When I first started out with AGn Designs, Google searches of how to go about Starting your own company didn’t really bring up very much for me. However, eight years later, I was able to find something, while it’s of no true use to me, that’s a great resource for everyone looking to get their business up and running.

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Inexpensive and Free Advertising Options

Advertising is a major part of running an Internet business. You need to figure out a way to connect consumers with your product, and in some cases don’t wish to spend millions of dollars on commercials during the superbowl. Now, naturally word of mouth will get someone very far but just for that extra ump, I’ve put together a few inexpensive and free advertising ideas for you.

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