Snap Happy

I don’t really know what’s gotten into me today but I’ve been a little snap-happy with my digital camera today. I was showing Jackie some of the interesting things that go on around the house during the day.  She’s a professional photographer and even told me that some of the pictures I snapped at random came out beautifully.  I’m hoping to play around some more and maybe start up some kind of a stock photo kind of site where I can sell the images off.  Living by the beach you’re open to some very beautiful and creative images that spark the interest of numerous people. While I was in the store the other day I picked up a Digital Scrapbooking magazine that gave me all kinds of interesting ideas for new templates to offer up to my clients.  I’m hoping…

Scrapbookers Dream!

I’m sure this topic isn’t limited to those in the scrapbooking world, but I honestly don’t know of a larger group of people who enjoy taking photography to such a personal level. Today I came across a resource that can easily turn your most prized photos into Photo Blankets. I know I’ve seen things like this before but I never actually thought that I’d be able to accomplish it with a photo of Sean and I or even turn Bella’s bed into her own personalized blanket, instead of the Princess one she sleeps on.

Digital Scrapbooking Software

The primary tool used for digital scrapbooking – other than your computer, of course – is photo-editing software. If you own a digital camera, there’s a good chance you scored a program with it. Many digital-imaging programs let you manipulate photos, text, and digital elements into wonderful scrapbook pages.