Vimeo Releases New Features for Video Producers

Vimeo, long playing second fiddle to YouTube, has released some new features that should be very attractive to video producers. First, Plus members ($59.95 per year or $9.95 per month) can now upload files as large as 5 GB – meaning full-feature HD film uploads, or up to 2.5 hours of HD per week. With a Plus membership, Vimeo users can also upload unlimited HD videos per week, within the weekly limit (non-Plus members are limited to one new HD video per week). Also when it comes to HD videos, Plus members can automatically embed the HD version of their videos so that users need not choose the HD viewing option. However, be careful with this option, particularly when embedding video outside of your own site, where page elements out of your control can slow load times. An attractive option…

Design for Display

Advertising designers walk a fine line. They must design ads that are attractive but direct and engaging. Often, success depends on the venue for which the ad will be designed and displayed. That being said, there are some places where display advertising has a significant edge over any other form of advertising – well worth the time and effort to design stunning ads. Display advertising has a distinct advantage over search. It doesn’t require searching. Display ads can be seen without a single keystroke and on just about any digital surface. That fact alone has helped reenergize the entire industry. Simply put, display advertising can go places search cannot. What follows are a few new toys in the display advertising chest and some providers who can get you in on the fun. VIDEO: Opinions sometimes vary but most advertising providers…

Still No Silence

I forgot to pick up a set of head phones when I was in the store tonight.  Right now there’s a movie on in the background that’s drowning out some of the noise so at least that counts for something.  I’m working on going through my email and what not so I can sit back and relax for a little while.  Hopefully that’ll go off without a hitch. I haven’t seen Pirates of the Caribbean in quite some time so since Daddy got the third one for Christmas, Sean and I are going to watch the first two to catch up.  Maybe tomorrow night we can watch the third together and that’ll be that. Technorati: Movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, Music

New and interesting things are coming this way!

I did some shopping tonight and came across a few technology and business based magazines with very interesting articles that I’ll be sharing with you over the course of the next few days. These articles will be everything from Gaming to How to run a home based business. I spent quite some time reading these articles and was very happy with the results. More on them soon. Technorati: Articles, Magazines, Technology, Business, Gaming

New Resource: Switch Planet

I just came across a social media trading website where members can switch their old DVDs, CDs, Games and even books with other members for free. There’s the option for friends, groups and forums to allow members to communicate during the trades. From first glance it’s MySpace, but with an actual purpose other than vanity photos in the mirror and whiny teenagers with ‘coolies’ layouts.