Poor Posture

My back has really been acting up for the last couple of days. It’s also linked to numerous other issues that I’ve been having over the course of the last couple weeks. I know exactly what’s wrong but don’t have the financial freedom to fix it. I desperately need a good computer chair, my poor posture has a lot to do with a sore back and very bad headaches that come and go. Another reason for my headaches are the fact that I look at a computer screen all day. Even as someone who’s been doing this for the last six years, working over 12 hours a day on my computer, I’m still unable to get used to it. I’ve even noticed that my eye sight is slowly starting to go as well. It would be great if I could…

What is Colloidal Silver?

I’m not sure if it’s some kind of a sign or not but I keep coming across resources for colloidal silver. Any and all research I’ve done on this subject tells me that Colloidal Silver is a colloid of silver particles in water. In the past it was used on external wounds and burns to prevent infection. Some alternative-health practitioners claim that it is a beneficial nutritional supplement. Some others claim that it’s a powerful antibiotic. For me, however, further information has proven to me that it can be used to keep drinkable water potable over a long period of time. It’s also been used as a topical antiseptic for minor burns for more than 100 years. So maybe colloidal silver would be the route to take if you’re putting together some kind of a first-aid kit to keep around…


For the past five years, the rise in email and comment spam has given everyone a reason to cringe whenever they go to log into their inbox. You can get so many different links telling you to purchase Viagra, or grow a larger penis with many of the magic pills out there. I’m uninterested in growing a larger penis, mainly because I’m female and if I did in fact have one, then some doctors have some serious explaining to do. Knowing that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with someone, I do like to read up on all of the potential issues that we may experience 30 years or so down the road. There are many resources out there trying to sell you different ‘fixes’ but I couldn’t say that there’s one out there that gives you…

Drug Addiction Treatment

A topic that I’m passionate about is addiction. This could be by means of alcohol or drug use, it doesn’t matter. Today I came across a website that specializes in addiction, but the one that stood out was in regards to painkiller addiction treatment.

Product Testing: Freeze It

A few days ago Sean came back from the mailbox with an extra special letter addressed to me. It came from a company that I’ve been with for almost a year now and damn near sliced my hand open because of how quickly I ripped through the envelope. There, on the floor now, were samples of a product named Freeze It and I was hand selected to be part of the testing for this product. I picked up the package after reading the letter to find that the product is for those with joint and muscle pain looking for some relief.

Science and Medicine

It’s hard to know when you’ve come across a valuable resource on the internet. There are so many websites out there with so many different opinions and point of views that the best thing to do is to go straight to the horses mouth sometimes. Unfortunately, that horse doesn’t always have a website so you’re left there just flipping through testimonials on other sites and attempting to learn more about the topic through those whom went through it and sometimes not always getting the questions answered that the horse could tell you for sure.