You are a “BLUE”

Here we go again, tryin’ to keep on track with so many hats. When you wear as many hats as myself, it is extremely hard to keep track of which hat to wear on what day and with what task….and more often than not you will catch me wearing more than one hat at a time. The struggle is real 😉 Through it all, I have spent too much time thinking about what I want to do, and just not enough time “DOING”. So I decided the best place to start is here, now, wanting to reconnect with all of you. I recently took a “what color expresses you?” questionaire. Silly – maybe, but their is something to be said about all those mindless (at least until we take one) quizes posted by friends and friends of friends on facebook….


Embrace all the fun that summer has to offer while keeping your skin looking its youthful best with our exclusive Reclaim Your Summer Kit. This collection includes everything you and your Customers need to achieve a “sun-kissed” glow while protecting your body from head to toe.   Value: $227 Retail Price: $202 Preferred Customer Price: $178       Act now. This collection is available until July 31, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. PDT, or while supplies last. The first three people to place this order will also receive a R+F Beach Towel, as a gift from ME!     

Roll away the signs of SUMMER!

Roll away the signs of summer! Step 1 exfoliates the dead skin from the sun. Step 2 refines the pores and, Step 3 gives you the perfect sunscreen protection while keeping your skin soft. Then at night after a long day outdoors, you ROLL! Message me on how to get started! Give up the caramel look to your summer skin! Be SURE to wear a hat! Plus for the month of June, anyone who places an order will receive ESSENTIALS SPF 30 Body Sunscreen, a lightweight, non-sticky and non-greasy broad spectrum sunscreen. It contains dimethicone to protect skin’s moisture barrier, antioxidant vitamins C and E to absorb damaging free radicals and anti-inflammatory ingredients to protect skin from environmental stress. I am adding this gift to anyone who places an order starting today 05/29 adding 3 extra days 🙂

Father’s Day Special

This Father’s Day, show dad that he’s the greatest by giving him a gift  that’s just for him with the Rodan + Fields® Just fore DAD Flash Deal.   Featuring everything dad needs to protect his skin from the sun’s damaging rays, on and off the golf course: ANTI-AGE Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30, REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen and ESSENTIALS Lip Shield SPF 25. Best of all—he never has to know you saved over 25%. Now this SOLD OUT in under 24hours….I will make my own gift of the same products, but different packaging. I promise it will be just as nice if not better! Valued at $105. Special Includes ANTI-AGE Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30, REVERSE Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen and ESSENTIALS Lip Shield SPF 25 Contact me today for pricing and order/ship dates….

Mother’s Day Deals!

   So this Mother’s Day, give the gift of beautiful skin! Plus not only am I promoting this limited time offer, I will also pay the one time preferred customer fee for anyone that wants to sign up with there order… here is what you get: ANTI-AGE Multi-Function Eye Cream, Eye Cloths and complimentary Rodan + Fields Eye Mask As a preferred customer you also get FREE SHIPPING + 10% OFF for the life of your orders. And as a special bonus, I personally will pay the one time preferred customer registration fee! So what are you waiting for contact me to place your orders TODAY!!

Rodan + Fields

So I thought that I would introduce the company that I recently partnered with; Rodan + Fields Dermatologists (yes, the creator’s of Pro-active). I recently had a bouncing baby boy, and like many others in these economic times found that it was actually more finacially straining for me to go back to work. So my husband and I went from a two person, two income household to a three person, one income household. I just had to find something I could do to generate any additional income possible, while taking care of my baby full time. But what the heck could I possibly do that wouldn’t be a scam and cause us to lose even more money. Well, I had a dear friend from high school that I had lost touch with, but with the power of facebook and twitter…

Busy Bee

I know I’ve been slacking off here, but when you’re bogged down with multiple clients and finally beginning to get somewhere with your business – the blogging aspect of things really doesn’t matter too much.  Well, it’s not that it doesn’t matter but it certainly doesn’t take first priority either.  I do like having an emotional outlet but lately I’ve put that into my private journal.  Which any tech-nerd would despise because it’s hand written.  It’s not based on some funky blog script heh. My new contract position is working out pretty nicely.  It’s given me the ability to expand beyond the weblog template world so I can prove that I do actually know a thing or two about graphics design.  It feels as though something has shifted and the dark cloud hovering over me has now made it’s way…

Skincare Help

While this doesn’t exactly fall under technology or business for that matter, I do find skin care to be an important thing. I battled acne when I was younger and thankfully I grew out of it. While I don’t break out very often, I do have trouble finding the right moisturizers because of very dry skin. For a while now I’ve been using Clean & Clear but that leaves my face feeling even more dry than before I put it on, I found that when the lotion dries it leaves me flaky and that’s just something I can’t stand when I’m trying to get my makeup on. It’s not even dry skin at that point, it’s literally the lotion flaking off of my face and I hate it. So I’ve been poking around the Internet in search for natural skin…