How to Send Big Files Online

In the past, if you wanted to send large files to friends or colleagues, you had to upload them to FTP servers or hope that you made it under the file-size limitations of the recipient’s e-mail account. But with file-sharing applications such as DropSend (, you can send large files without fear of bounce-backs. DropSend will be familiar to anyone who’s sent an e-mail attachment. The service replicates the look and feel of your Inbox by including contacts, subject lines, and text areas, but one-ups most e-mail services by letting you attach files as large as 1GB. When recipients open the e-mail, they are presented with a URL form where they can download the file. The number of times you can send a file depends on whether you sign up for a Free, Basic ($5), Standard ($9), Pro ($19) or…

Stop Lagging!

Thunderbird has been lagging for me for quite some time now and it literally took me over a week to figure out why.