Why must you?

I was fixing a WordPress theme for someone tonight. I don’t understand why people use the CSS that they do. Why must people remove margins and padding around the paragraphs? Do you like seeing everything bunched into one large blob? Why must you assume that the people using your theme think the same way? The thing that bothers the crap out of me is that this was a SPONSORED theme. Someone actually paid money to get their link permanently attached to this particular theme and it’s not even that popular of a subject, it’s really a basic theme that only about 5 people (with very low PR and Alexa Ranking) are using. For any future CSS Guru’s out there, please completely avoid the following statement: p {margin: 0; padding: 0;} Thank you. Technorati: Annoyed, CSS

Sneakpeak – Template0002

It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally completed the second template for my free WordPress Themes which will be housed here soon. To give you a quick sneak-peak, I’ve pasted a screen shot of it here.

Templates coming soon!

It’s taken me a little while but I’ve finally came up with a few designs that I’m happy with to offer for visitors looking to punch up their blogs. As of right now the templates will be WordPress based, I will have other formats coded in the near future though. All of the templates work under Web2.0 and are what I believe to be innovative enough to be the next best thing in blogging since well…wordpress. I’ll have more updates on this soon as well. I know, I know…plenty of updates without any actual visuals – I’ll have them up soon I promise! Technorati: WordPress Themes, Blog Templates, Web2.0

CSS Templates

I’ve recently come across freecsstemplates.com and I have to say that I’m rather impressed with what they have to offer their visitors. A lot of internet users, bloggers especially, have trouble designing templates that are visually appealing. There are many sites on the internet that offer free web templates for someone but there are very few that are offering entire CSS based templates that are standards compliant.