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Enter the Third Dimension

Using a 2D mouse with a 3D application is like eating soup with chopsticks – it just doesn’t make sense!  Sandio’s new 3D Game 02 mouse takes users into the third dimension, providing more precise control of the cursor for easy pitching, yawing, and rolling.  While your standard mouse does just fine in 2D space, 3D applications (like Microsoft Virtual Earth or Second Life) greatly benefit from the ability to move forward and backward along the Z-axis, not just left/right and up/down.  Use the erogonomic USB 2.0 mouse to fly through 3D worlds, 3D webs, or CAD programs. Navigating Google Earth will never be the same. Sandio 3D Game 02; $79.99; Technorati: Sandio 3D Game, Computer Mouse