Loving mother and wife extraordinaire! My beautiful 8 month old son Emilio, brings adventure to every moment of my life. When not involved in some sort of baba making or diaper duty, I am cooking dinner or organizing business for the best husband a girl could wish for...(even if he may be; at times the biggest kid in my house). In my free time, wink wink, I am an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields, by the creators of Proactiv – a young network marketing company- that is launching to the nation! Before I began this incredible journey with Rodan + Fields I started in Public Relations for fashion and entertainment and then opening my own lifestyle boutique.

You are a “BLUE”

Here we go again, tryin’ to keep on track with so many hats. When you wear as many hats as myself, it is extremely hard to keep track of which hat to wear on what day and with what task….and more often than not you will catch me wearing more than one hat at a time. The struggle is real 😉 Through it all, I have spent too much time thinking about what I want to do, and just not enough time “DOING”. So I decided the best place to start is here, now, wanting to reconnect with all of you. I recently took a “what color expresses you?” questionaire. Silly – maybe, but their is something to be said about all those mindless (at least until we take one) quizes posted by friends and friends of friends on facebook….

And I’m BACK!

I Know I have been completely MIA, but I am back and ready to blog my little heart out!!! I have had a lot happen since the last time I was here. My son E just turned 3 a few weeks ago, and I now have a second beautiful son L who will be 6 months on the 18th. Boy do they keep me busy! Lately I have been dealing with a lot of screaming and kicking and throwing and big attitude from my 3yr old. I tried my hardest to figure out if this was simply a stage or if it was from lack of socialization with other children or my lack of parenting know-how. Well I put him into a few different classes and programs and there was absolutely no change, and he most certainly did not learn…

In honor of HUMP day

So here’s the thing, I dont like to complain and I don’t think I ask too much……I just want five freakin minutes of peace!! I have been battling this new crazy schedule of cranky baby in the day, getting absolutely nothing accomplished except making baba and finding the binkie (pacafier) my son loves to throw under the couch all day. Once my husband gets home from work all I can think is WHERE DO I START! Not only do I have my work that I get paid for to catch up on, before anyone figures out I haven’t completed it all day…..but my house is a freakin disaster. I finally got to the dishes and laundry yesterday. The livingroom and bedroom were glowing on Monday. What goes on in this house that I can not keep it clean for one…

To be or NOT to be…..Offended?

So as a new mommy, I admit that I do not have many other mommy friends with children the same age. Most have children 3yrs and up or no children at all. I know that this will all change once my son starts going to some sort of school, but in the meantime, we take what we can get. When my son was first born, I was happy to re-kindle a friendship from past with a new mommy to a little boy only 2 months older than mine. Niether of us were working so we would have playdates almost every day. Once my friend got a job, we really didn’t get to see each other. The phone calls and texts became fewer and longer inbetween, then stopped all together. Not in a bad way, just in a I’m busy kinda…


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Rodan + Fields

So I thought that I would introduce the company that I recently partnered with; Rodan + Fields Dermatologists (yes, the creator’s of Pro-active). I recently had a bouncing baby boy, and like many others in these economic times found that it was actually more finacially straining for me to go back to work. So my husband and I went from a two person, two income household to a three person, one income household. I just had to find something I could do to generate any additional income possible, while taking care of my baby full time. But what the heck could I possibly do that wouldn’t be a scam and cause us to lose even more money. Well, I had a dear friend from high school that I had lost touch with, but with the power of facebook and twitter…