The “Yearly” Update?

I honestly wish I knew why this domain is only ever looked at once a year. Maybe it has something to do with the auto-renewal, or maybe it’s my heart yearning to have the time to get back to my roots.  Life has completely taken over and all forms of ‘social media’ that aren’t 100% work related have pretty much taken a back seat.

I’m still actively involved in Web Development, so much so that I have no drive or ability to maintain my own stuff. I don’t know how it’s possible to look at WordPress, Dreamweaver & Photoshop on a daily basis and not have some kind of inspiration to do something for myself but clearly coding for clients has sucked the inspiration well dry.

On the home front, the last time I actually updated here I was in the process of purchasing a home. It’s been 2 years and obviously I now OWN the home (Yay!) and Sean and I have actively been going room to room to get everything up to our standards. We recently gutted the living room/dining room, hallway and foyer and removed some horrible 30 year old carpeting that stunk to holy hell and the thickest tile I think I’ve ever seen in my life (to the point I hope it wasn’t actually asbestos). The floor came out nice, but there’s a lot of areas that need adjustment and unfortunately we only had ONE week off to get it everything done so needless to say there’s some unfinished edges that weren’t touched and something we’ll be working on.

On the Tech front – my 27″ iMac bit the dust recently and I was holding onto that guy as much as I possibly could. Unfortunately the screen went and then the HD started to fail and I had to make the move to the newer Retina models (which I’m still not happy about).  I picked up the new 5k/Retina model and its made development a lot harder based on how things scale, but that’s more along the lines of “Why is my screen shot twice the size of my screen” because that’s what Mac insists on doing and there’s no way of modifying it so its true to size without running it through Photoshop before sending it off to a client.

My life has become work, work, work – gotta pay the mortgage right?  Unfortunately this is just about the only 10 minutes of downtime I’ve had in a long time so I’m going to have to sign off and maybe pick back up at some point that’s not in 2017…


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