In need of an upgrade…

Since I’m being pulled in so many different directions for work, I’ve had to pretty much place EVERYTHING on the back burners. I have two new themes in the works for AGn Designs and  I’m gradually going through my PSD archives to find a template that I previously created for this site because this pink thing is driving me crazy, even though I (obviously) don’t regularly blog here.  There’s always a lot to do and absolutely no time to do it.  Sometimes I do wish I could just go back to paid blogging, I never really touched Dreamweaver until there was a redesign in place for one of my domains lol.

Another “upgrade” required, RAM!  My Macbook came with the default 4GB and I’ve noticed since I’ve been on it a lot more that there’s quite a few hiccups that are 100% ram related since I’m constantly running over 90%.  This is a problem when you’re trying to run Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Billings and Thunderbird at the same time, then tacking on the different browsers required to ensure everything is cross-compatible.  I did find a 16GB upgrade on Amazon for $115, which really isn’t a bad price.  Sean wants to go through MacMall which is a little more expensive, but he has a credit line with them so we could just pay it off through there.  I’m not sure which direction we’re ultimately going to go with, but we absolutely need to do something because I’m confident that this Macbook won’t last very long if I can’t upgrade it.

cyberpowerpcI’m currently up in NY visiting families for birthdays, obviously as soon as I get back to Delaware I’ll be back to working on my iMac.  I’ll even be purchasing a new desktop as I (unfortunately) need a Windows machine.  I did previously purchase a Windows-8 HP All-in-One but it only lasted me 4 hours before it went back to the store thanks to a complete and total hard drive crash where the operating system didn’t show up.  I, luckily, found one at Best Buy (Online) that’s Windows 7 (THANK THE LORD) and brand new. It’s one of the new Cyberpower Mini machines.

For a very reasonable price I’m getting 8GB’s of RAM, 1TB hard drive  and an Intel i3 processor.  It’s got a small foot print so it can actually fit on my desk (being as I have such limited space at the moment) and considering I only need it to check on things via Windows browsers, I think it will last quite a long time.  I have a dinky 17″ monitor that I can plug into it. Eventually I’ll have an upgrade for it, but for now I’m not too concerned with it.  I think the most advanced things it will be used for is watching something on Showtime Anytime or HBO Go.  I’ll have to plug into my wireless port in order to get on the internet since there’s no built in Wireless, but considering the amount of time that it will actually be used – that won’t be a big deal either.



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