Up and running!

It took about a year for me to get back up and running, but I’m happy to say that AcidGloss.net is back! The theme is up, and some content has been loaded in.  Over the course of the next couple weeks I’ll be blogging (a lot more), and hopefully able to get this domain back to where it used to be. There will be sponsored posts, but I’ll be sure to keep them limited so that it doesn’t take away from everything else.  I figured a very simple CSS design would keep everything flowing.  Eventually I’d like to turn this into more of a magazine kind of setup but for the being I’m very happy with the result and moving forward with it.

The last few years took me away from the internet due to landing myself a very crappy 9-5. Since leaving I’ve gone full force into AGn Designs, and have been working with at least three new clients a week since May.  This is giving me the opportunity to quickly get back on the horse and I’ve been chugging away.  I had a little downntime and figured spending an hour working on a theme here would really just give me the drive to get something back up and running.  Google has me archived as Maintenance Mode, that’s going to change ASAP!


A thirty-something code ninja + web diva. Former New Yorker who's passionate about web development, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and marketing.

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