Google Apps Go Offline

Google is taking steps towards offering offline access to its web apps, by offering Gmail offline starting today— and offline Google Calendar and Docs over the next week.

Gmail offline, a Chrome Web Store app, will allow users to read, respond, organize and archive email without an Internet connection. The app is powered by HTML5, and is based on the Gmail web app for tablets, which was also made to function with or without Internet access.

As for Google’s other offline apps— Google Calendar allows users to view events and RSVP to appointments without an Internet connection, while Google Docs allows users to view documents and spreadsheets. Although offline editing isn’t available yet with Google Docs, it may be in the future.

To use Google Calendar or Docs offline, simply click on the gear icon that appears in the top right corner of the web app and choose the offline access option.

Google also stated in their blog that they are working on more offline app features, as well as making offline access available on more browsers.



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