Marketing in the Morning

Ericsson, the Sweden-based mobile company, recently conducted a survey that found 35 percent of U.S. Android and iPhone users “…interacted with such non-voice apps as Facebook on their smartphones before rising.” In other words, many smartphone users check Facebook, Twitter and very likely email, before even getting out of bed in the morning.

Of course, this is just one study and 35 percent is still a minority. But it’s not hard to imagine that this is exactly the case. And perhaps that number goes even higher after the user is out of bed but not yet on the way to work? Think about your own habits – what are you doing with your smartphone early in the morning? I, for one, check my email before I leave the house — with the push of a button on my smartphone and without ever launching a browser.

The point is, most marketers don’t think of early morning as the best time to send messages. But as consumers are increasingly connected at all hours, with ease, could morning marketing be a viable strategy for those businesses targeting users via social networks and email? At the very least it’s worth scheduling some messages and testing it out, no?



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