Cloud-Based Web Performance Testing with Yottaa

Reposted from Website Magazine.

In lieu of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) downtime over the past several days, optimizing websites for high performance in the cloud may seem a bit too risky for many Internet businesses. 

Yottaa however believes differently, today launching a new Web performance optimization service which aims to help improve website speed and development through a variety of techniques including domain sharding, CSS spriting, and CDN balancing.

“Web-based businesses understand that visitors to their sites have a ‘need for speed,’ but many are held back by the complexity and expense of manual optimization,” said Coach Wei, Yottaa’s CEO and co-founder. “Yottaa Optimizer empowers businesses of all sizes with a simple but powerful solution that instantly accelerates website performance, and unlocks business value for Web teams.”

Yotta’s web monitoring solution (which WM covered back in August 2010 here)  identifies performance issues resulting from third-party widgets, DNS errors, and latency. Yottaa’s cloud based Web optimzer will impliment the suggestions identified.


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