BrightEdge SEO Optimizes for Facebook, Twitter

The SEO platform BrightEdge is now integrating social media signals to give marketers insights for optimizing their social media activities. BrightEdge will analyze the content of tweets and Facebook likes to pinpoint the exact areas in social media that will boost SEO and offer actionable recommendations to increase activity in these places.

As search engines are increasingly focusing on integrating social content into their results, BrightEdge offers reporting to identify the competitive social media strategies that impact organic search rankings. Social media results will be officially integrated into the BrightEdge dashboards and insights, and BrightEdge will call out specific terms, keywords and activities that search engines are using as signals for authority.

The platform’s BrandSafe Link Audit Program identifies black hat SEO tactics so that customers can be assured their social media insights are being gained through safe methods. BrightEdge drives more than $3 billion in organic search revenue for leading brands in e-commerce and other industries on the Web, competing with companies such as SearchLight and Covario for share of the $40 billion SEO market.


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