E-commerce Keyword Research

The reason that it is important to stay informed about feature changes at major services is because it enables you to both understand how consumers locate, identify, and experience your products (in the case of e-commerce merchants.

Google made a small but rather meaningful update related to its “Instant” search feature several weeks ago, expanding the offering to shoppers in Google Product Search. 

Google users are now able to see Google’s instant keyword and key phrase suggestions as they type when comparing prices, looking for local stores, or researching products.

So what does this mean for Internet retailers? It means you have one more opportunity, and a very practical one at that, to identify some potentially high converting keywords.

Google provides a few examples for the instant results in Google Product Search – search for “cast iron skillets” or “sweater wrap shaw” to get a handle on some potential suggestions.

What impact do you think the instant search feature will have for e-commerce merchants?


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