Senate Votes on Domain Seizure Law

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Vermont Senator Pat Leahy, today unanimously approved legislation that would provide the U.S. Justice Department with enhanced powers to block domain names and third-party enablers (including internet service providers, payment processors and online ad networks) of web sites that it believes are dedicated to the piracy of intellectual property. Under the bill, according to Howard Neu, the company that sold the domain name registration to the website could even be forced to revoke the domain name of the site if it is being used for copyright infringement or counterfeiting. Free speech issues aside,…more»

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Top Joomla Extensions for Web Pro’s

WordPress has the volume and Drupal gets the money, but what about Joomla? The content management system in no way receives the attention that its fellow open source platforms do but that might just be unwarranted – particularly when you check out some of the available extensions. Here are a few of the top Joomla extensions (from various categories) for serious Web professionals. We’ve been taking a closer look at Joomla and are getting reacquainted with the powerful platform. If there is an extension/module you think WM editors should know about please comment below and share it with us.   sh404SEF: Yes, that’s…more»

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