Where are you?

OK… so I haven’t kept up with things the way I’ve intended to but that’s due to the fact that lately I’m working six days a week and I’m just too tired to blog.  I have a lot of plans for this site, I just haven’t gotten around to doing them yet.  I haven’t read up on any new technology, I don’t have any ideas for new business techniques and I haven’t got the time to really sit down and write either.  I randomly jot a few ideas down but unfortunately that paperwork gets lost with the stacks of everything else that I’m working on.

As far as the web hosting is concerned, I’ve completely handed that over to Sean (lepslair.com) so any questions you can take it up with him.  As far as my design business goes, I want to get to work on my portfolio and I know I need to update my resume quite a bit so we’ll see what happens in upcoming weeks.

I won’t have another day off from work until Sunday.  Last week I worked 7 days straight and I’ve gotta say it’s killing me.  I’ve been so tired lately it’s unreal so catching up on any missed sleep has been the first priority.

What’s to come?  I want to setup a new theme and begin posting here again.  For now I think it’s going to be a few random personal updates from time to time until I can get back into the swing of things.  School is coming up too and I know for sure that it’s going to take its toll on me once that happens.

So I guess we’ll see what the future holds.


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  1. Hey krissy. I have a business website that needs a revamp with flash. I’m part owner of the company and need it to look professional. Call me on your next day off so we can talk about it please. Thanks

  2. Nice post and info..Thank you for shairng:=)

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