Getting there…

I renewed this domain, even though I hardly use it the $9 a year to maintain it s fine by me. I couldn’t give up this domain no matter how much I really thought about it. There have been domains that I’ve lost interest in completely and just let it die – I can’t bring myself to do that here.

I still haven’t started on the new template for this site so I’m going to ask something of any visitor that’s still floating around… If you happen to come across a free theme that blends well with the technology/business kind of a theme – please feel free to comment and send me a link towards it. Hell, if I like it enough I’ll even list you in the credits. I don’t have the time to float around blogs or template sites to see what’s “in” right now. I have to say I’m really out of the loop with A LOT of things. Anyone interested in helping me get back into it?


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  2. ok, good thing , i am also thinking to buy a new domain for my affiliate marketing because last three months i am thinking this.
    thanks for useful information

  3. Nice post.Thank you for shairng:=)

  4. It is like people arriving in Canada without any proper identification or papers – they are released into the country (even if they are suspected of being terrorists) and the government takes their word that they will return for official determination. They rarely ever return!

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