So I got pretty lucky.  I was able to figure out what was wrong with the old installation of WordPress.  I exported the posts and categories and now I’ve moved everything over to a new fresh installation and everything appears to be working just fine now.  I’m still going to have to work on a few things.  I have absolutely no new articles to write up.  I don’t currently have a theme setup either, and I’m going to have to do everything I get the plugins back up and running.  Either way I imagine it’ll take me a while to complete everything.  Maybe I’ll have some time this weekend where I can begin getting everything accomplished.

So for now, this site is still on hiatus but as you can see – it’s been nothing but problems in order to get things back up and running!


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  1. thanks for the owner this blog, after I read your artical.
    I fell prefer it so much and I think it’s useful for deloping
    to another blog&website too.

  2. hey!!! been tryin to get ahold of you. we’ve gone distant again. i need a quote!! those 2 websites i put in there:

    the first one i need a simple webspace for displaying photos of work…make it easily updatable, and an about page with contact info and what we do. i can have Nicki type something up – she just needs direction on what to say.

    the second one it’s a full e-biz site that needs to be directed towards emergency first responders and towing professionals…these books we’re trying to sell are for them. shopping cart with coupons…yadayada – he already has one in place so probably just use it but as you can see the site needs some real creativity.

    as for the first one – it’s my wife, and it may take a bit to save for it. the second one – thats the big phish…if he likes it then he’ll want it ASAP, and prices aren’t too much of importance it’s just that he is a webmaster himself (he made the page and he’s made many others) but he isn’t good at design…what you see there is very close to what he’s made in the past. he uses frontpage for goodness sake!

    anyways…give me a call or txt or whatever. you know how to find me if you want to find me. Thanks!

  3. You’ve got a lot of things to do but when you will finish you won’t have about what to worry for a long time. Good luck

  4. Now there is new version of WordPress – i think its 2.8. Better upgrade it.
    When are you planning to start blogging again ?

    wish you great summer 😉

  5. Starting a new blog or transferring one can be a daunting task. I am still trying to hash somethings out and trying to settle on a simple theme. doesn’t appear enough time in the day to write, work on the look, and do the necessary things to build the back end of the blog (backlinks, etc). But you got to get going sooner or later. 🙂

  6. I find wordpress a bit odd now and then, a good old installation seems to sort out most of the problems most of the time….(most)!

  7. hey krissy. i was trying to get a contact info so i can email you. im left to leave a comment. i have a friend that needs a new web design.

    call him at 917 3993348. his name is jorge.

    gimme a call or hit me up on aim to catch up. ttyl

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