I know I haven’t really done a lot of posting here, and that’s mainly because I’ve just been too busy with work.  As I’ve noted numerous times before – it truly is my ultimate goal to get this site back up and running.  So I’ve been working with a few things, there have been some bumps in the road, and unfortunately there are other things going on right now that need to take the priority while this goes on the back burner.  I haven’t forgotten about anything and I’ve tried very hard to note abandon anything either.  Hopefully in the upcoming month I’ll have more going on here.  So if you’ve been a loyal visitor for quite some time  I greatly appreciate it and please keep checking back for updates!


A thirty-something code ninja + web diva. Former New Yorker who's passionate about web development, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and marketing.

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  1. I hope, upon joining this blog after taking a fresh breath, you will fill up the gap with much needed information on various issues. Not only me but all of the regular readers understand well the causes responsible for such kind of down periods. We are waiting to welcome you back.

  2. It happens to all
    ..I checking back for updates!

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