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I’m interested in changing to another wireless provider. While I’m very content with the service I have (considering I only use my cellphone for emergencies) I would still like to hop on the train with a monthly bill instead of prepaid. Doing this will take care of a few things. The first would be that I could finally get my hands on a decent phone that will actually connect to my computer so I can properly download/upload files. The next would be that Sean and I would then both have cellphones and it would make our lives a tiny bit easier when we finally get to where we’re going in regards to finding an apartment or just taking care of life in general.

I’m trying to figure out which cell phone provider to choose from. I’ve narrowed it down to AT&T/Cingular and T-mobile. I’m interested in the lowest family plan available and I know that no matter which one I go through I’m going to be spending about $85 a month. I’m just undecided on which cellphone to actually choose.

I’d love to pick up a Blackberry but I’m also really interested in a 3G iPhone. Either one would give me the ability to stay in touch with friends, family and clients but it would also allow me to check email when I’m on the road and that to me is the big kicker with things. I know Sean would like an iPhone but I think any Smart Phone – at this point in time – would work out well for the both of us.

So my question for you – which route should I take? Should I spend about $80 a month with Cingular and pick up an iPhone or should I spend $90 a month with T-mobile and pick up a couple of Smart Phones for Sean and I?

Any suggestions would be great, even if it’s another service that you’re currently subscribed to. Right now we’re living in Delaware but if things go the way we’re hoping we should be moved up to New York before the end of the year. So if the state based pricing/services make a difference, make sure to suggest those as well.


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