Patiently Waiting

I’ve been pretty busy for the past couple of days, mainly with work.  I’m working on a new site now that’s proving to be a bit more difficult to code than I’d originally thought it would.  I’m working on another template that’s so beyond my experience it’s unreal.  I’ve been able to get somewhere with it, I’ve just never had to use so many div layers to accomplish everything.

On top of that, I’m waiting to hear from at least ONE of the jobs I’ve recently applied to.  I’m waiting on about 7 design positions and a few clerical ones as well, the biggest being one at the Hospital.  Even though it’s per-diem (call you when they need you) if you have your foot in the door and have your shit together, then you’ll more than likely be on their payroll for a full-time position in close to no time.  I’m really hoping to hear something from them though.  It’s local, easy to get to, and with most of my family already working there it shouldn’t be hard to get in.  I just have to wait for the application to even be looked at, let alone delivered to the hospital.  I completed it online but it has to go through two other offices before it gets to human resources.  Last week they had something going on with joint commission so that puts a delay on things.  But it’s been over a week since I submitted so I really just hope to hear SOMETHING.

In any event, I have some posting to do, mainly to get back on track with things I’m backed up on.  There are a few new cool technology things to boast about, and lets not get started on the new CSS3 standards. OY!


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