Moving things around…

Sean and I are in the process of moving things around. Not only are we cleaning the heck out of the office but I was also able to locate a new hosting company and I’m going to slowly transfer everything over within the next couple of weeks. I’m getting a great deal on excellent resources and there’s literally no turning back at this point.

I’ve filled out my FAFSA and I’m working on getting things together for admissions at the University of Phoenix Online. I’m going for my bachelors degree and I hope to be able to bring in enough money so I can afford to complete the degree. If I had no student-aid to back me up I’d have to shell out a little over $60,000 to complete the course. Since I don’t have that to just throw around I know that scholarships, grants, and the potential for student loans (down the road) will be the only way. I hope to have all of the technical stuff figured out in the future. I just know that I’m finally pushing for it and damn is it going to happen.

In any event, I reinstalled MarsEdit so I can start blogging again. My only dislike for the program is the lack of ability to add proper TAGS to the entry. I think there should be some kind of an add-on for it in the future. I’ll have to bring it up to support.


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