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With the horrible weather to hit the east coast this past week, it was no surprise to me when the servers went down. I kind of have them scattered about with different companies and the one located on the east coast was hit pretty hard with a nasty storm, borderline tornado. I know that there’s nothing I could control in that situation but now I’m thinking I need to move everything to a place where the biggest weather issue is the lack of rain. So after talking to Jackie I’m now looking for hosting companies based on the west coast. I’ve been poking around with Web Hosting Pal because they’re a fairly new resource where you can learn about a lot of different recommended web hosting companies.

Their description is pretty true to form. They’re a user-friendly guide to finding the right web host in your current price range. They give you a break down of every host in the database and even have recommendations for their top ten hosts on the Internet if you really have trouble making your choice. I’ve noticed a trend in many recommendations for BlueHost being the #1 host on the list. My only issue with them is the lack of ability to rent a server. Based on a few companies that I’ve dealt with that are hosted through this company – I’ve noticed there wasn’t really any downtime at all and that’s always a plus for someone running a business.

While I am considering leaving the hosting industry all together and focusing on the web design aspect of things, that doesn’t mean I’ll completely walk away and leave empty handed. Maybe one of those top ten hosts would be interested in buying my clients – heh.



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