Thanks to Fantastico finally being upgraded on the servers, I’m now using WordPress 2.5.1.  It only took about 10 seconds to upgrade but that’s the beauty of auto-install programs.  With the upgrade came updates for about 20 of the 35+ plugins that this domain uses.  Thankfully everything is automatic there too so what I thought was going to be a daunting task of downloading all of the .ZIPs and then uploading manually – it was actually quite simple and only required the click of a mouse.  That’s always a good thing.

I’m in the process of updating my portfolio.  I have my resume updated but I need to get a few images pasted into my portfolio so hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish that sometime within the next hour or so.  I have to send out my resume to three different companies, hopefully at least one of them will actually give me something in return.  It’s my goal to make enough to have a new car by September, so I’ll cross my fingers there.

As far as this domain is concerned – I have a lot of articles to type up.  I’ve been product testing for the past couple of weeks and I have to say I absolutely love the new technology I’ve been introduced to.  I’ll have more on them later – I also intend to complete the PC Tips articles that I began writing a few weeks ago.  I know I’ve been slacking here but I have been busy with a lot of different projects and just work in general so naturally something was going to fall behind.  I’m working on getting back on track though.  Expect to see about 10 articles over the course of the next couple days.


A thirty-something code ninja + web diva. Former New Yorker who's passionate about web development, HTML/CSS, beautifying things and marketing.

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