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I do a lot of surfing around the Internet, probably more than I really should considering I have a mountain of work to do. Today I came across a site that’s pretty similar to my own. It’s a design blog that houses numerous articles for just about everything connected to the Internet. I spent a lot of time reading through all of the articles and a few of them really stood out for me, mainly the one I read about customizing user accounts on Windows Vista and the favorite article of mine was on the topic of how important joining a spyware community can be in order to keep on top of all of the spyware upgrades available for your computers.

While many people tend to overlook it, I have to say that from a designers point of view the template used on this site was pretty spectacular as well.  It showed off the proper way to use web 2.0 styling on your website and it wasn’t bombarded with useless ads either.  Now I know I have them on my site, so who am I to talk? But I also run a business, this person goes out of their way to blog about topics that are helpful to the everyday technology seeker that floats around the Internet for informational sites like this.  I think if you haven’t already been to then you should poke around and add it to your bookmarks.  It’s a great resource for just about everyone, no matter what your level of computer knowledge may be.


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