With the recent beautiful weather, there was really no question as to when the storm was going to hit. The weather for the last week has gone to at least 10 degrees above the seasonal average so when it was followed by a string of storms I knew that something was going to suffer because of it. I’ve lost Internet three times in the past few days, it was 24-hours before I could get it back at one point and all Comcast had to say about it was “sorry – we can’t control the weather”. Now, I could understand if it was a nasty storm coming through but it was pretty mild in comparison to the ones that I’m used to. I put up a fight and I’m still convinced that Optimum up in New York is a hell of a lot better than Comcast, hands down. Yes, they’re both part of Time Warner but I guess it really depends on where the lines are.

So since the cable was out I was limited as to what I could accomplish. I did manage to get a lot of work done off-line but it’s hard to test things when scripts are being called from Internet based servers and I (at that moment in time) didn’t have a copy of them backed up to my computer yet. I’m convinced that I’ll eventually go out of my way to setup an in-house server but when the cable goes out you can’t access the internal network either so I should probably setup some kind of server software on my laptop. I’m sure I could do it with partitions but I guess I’ll know for sure when something like this comes up again.


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