It’s pretty nice…

For the past three days I’ve been working pretty hard on balancing a few different clients.  I’m happy to say that a few of my bids were accepted so this month is probably going to be pretty nice – money wise.  I can’t wait to dump all of the money into the bank account so I can visually see my going up to New York at the end of June being a definite possibility.  It’s been difficult though, it’s hard to juggle so many different ideas and attempt to remember which client they’re connected to.  If it weren’t for the Stickies with my iMac I probably would have everyone completely confused.  I also have to say THANK GOD for being able to choose multiple colors with the stickies.  Each client has their own color and it makes life very easy for me.

I’ve got a new Font database, there were a lot of fonts on my laptop that couldn’t be transferred over to the Mac.  Unfortunately they’re ones that I need to use on a regular basis with certain logos and what not so thankfully I was able to find the Mac version through a huge Google Search day.  Three of my favorites couldn’t be downloaded, but that’s only because I didn’t feel like paying for them again.  I did email the owners and request the alternate download considering I’d purchased them only recently.  So we’ll see how far that gets me.  For now I’ll work with what I have.

I’m patiently waiting on a fourth bid though, that would be the biggest money maker this month.  I hope to hear something before Friday but who knows what’s going to happen there.  Either way there’s still a lot of work left to do on the other accounts so I guess I’ll get back to them now.


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