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EZUnsecuredI’m currently in the process of paying off a personal loan that I took out back in October. The initial reason behind the loan was so that Sean and I could successfully moved out to Ohio but with changed plans we’re still in Delaware. Now, while we don’t mind being in Delaware it would have been nice to fulfill the dreams we had with that money, instead of just staying where we currently are. Unfortunately the income I had back in October is no where near what I’m making so I’m in the process of looking into Small Business Loans so I’ll be able to refinance the previous loan and hopefully be able to pay off the second one at a much lower interest rate. There are also a few things that I need in order to maintain my business and the extra money coming in will be a really big help.

I need a new laptop, while I have the Mac to work on I do like the portability and I’ve noticed that my laptop is running very – very hot and since I’m no longer under warranty and it keeps crashing on me – I’ve decided that it’s time for a new one. I’ve been looking into numerous different brands and while I would absolutely love to invest in a MacBook Pro I can easily run Mac OS X Leopard on an Intel based system that costs much less. I was able to customize a laptop with no operating system that housed an Intel 2.5GHz processor, 4GB of ram and a 256 Graphics card for only about $850. That’s about 1800 cheaper than the MacBook that I customized.

I also need to invest in a new car, and while that doesn’t seem “business based” when you need dependable transportation to get you to and from both job interviews and client meetings – having a stable car would really help me out. The one I’m driving now? I’m lucky to make it out of the complex, let alone making it down to Ocean City or any other major town in the area to hold my meetings. The car would also be used as advertising space, I’d use the back window for a custom message that I already have designed in Photoshop for when I’m ready to print things out.

The possibilities are some-what endless, I just need to be eligible for a loan totaling about $25,000. It would take me a long time to pay off but if my payments could be less than $350 a month it would really help me out.


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