The World Is Yours Now

I spend a lot of time floating around the Internet. The bulk of my time is reading into new Business and Technology techniques and products, but my downtime consists of weblogs written by bloggers from all over the world. Today I spent a few hours floating around on Blogspot. I have to say that I enjoy going through their “Next Blog” option. It gives you the ability to go through a big database of bloggers without having to open a new tab to have a links page to refer to, it makes life a bit simpler when you have way too many windows open!

I just finished reading a new blog (well, new for me) called The World is Yours Now. It’s noted as a blog that houses Financial information for the regular person, giving you advice on business opportunities and how to go about them so that they benefit you. I had to go through quite a few site reviews in order to find any Financial informatioin but that’s OK because I really do enjoy reading what other people have to say about Websites around the Internet, so of course having a whole database of them to fish through was great for me. There were a lot of articles that didn’t really fit on this websites theme, but my blog also bounces around so that’s not a big deal either.

This bloggers reviews are very short and to the point. I know that websites aren’t easy to comment on but as someone who used to run a fairly popular Review site, I know a thing or two about how to get around that.

As far as strong content is concerned, there were really only one or two articles that stood out for me. The one I liked the most was in regards freelance writing, it was conveniently titled Tools for the freelance writer on the net where you’re given information how to go about properly creating your niche or being a general topic creator. There are thousands of companies on the Internet looking for content writers and getting involved in Freelance Writing can really bring in some good money. I’ve dabbled in it a big myself but I unfortunately lost touch with my contacts.

My only gripe with this particlar site is I was unable to find the bloggers name, but I’ll just consider them a Ghost Writer heh.


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