Summer’s Coming!

Summer is fast approaching and the last 70+°F days have proven this. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside so sitting all cooped up in the house just isn’t an option for me. Yesterday I spent a lot of time in the yard cleaning out the weeds and doing some general maintenance to make the front lawn look a little more appealing. There is a lot that I’d like to accomplish, and it all requires money so hopefully business starts to pick up soon.

It’s difficult to figure out which is the ‘garden’ and which is the grass when it comes to our yard, it kind of all grows into eachother and looks absolutely horrible. I wanted to pick up some bricks or even wood to setup a border, making a mini fence. I’d then like to fill the garden with fresh soil so I can plant nice clusters of flowers, the soil down here is so sandy that it’s hard to really grow anything. Then I’m going to pick up a few packs of solar lights, I figure 8 would be enough for the front lawn and that will make it a bit brighter around here at night as well. That should cover the visual aspect of things.

Then comes the comfort. While we don’t have a wide porch, we have a very long one that covers the whole length of the front of the house. Right now I have two plastic chairs from Walmart with a couple of side tables and a plastic bench in the middle. I absolutely hate it but it was affordable. I’d like to make it look really nice with a few Adirondack Chairs. I figure two of those with a nice little table in the middle would be more than enough to give me the comfort and the look I’m going for. When it comes to the nightly time spent outsde, the lights along the front garden and a couple of candels to keep the bugs away are all I’d really need.

Then comes the back yard. We’re not allowed to fence it in so I’d like to do a simple little seating area behind a privacy screen. You still get all of the sunlight but you can relax without someone staring at you. I’d definitely need a nice Market Umbrella and I’d love to put a few Adirondack Rockers back there as well. Throw in a little fire pit and maybe a few flower pots and I can’t tell you how happy I’d be to spend my summer tanning outside while I’m getting my work done. That’s a great thing about working from home, you can spend the day outside enjoying the fresh air and still get a nice glow from the sun.


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