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When I get a little bored, I like to float around the Internet to other Design websites so I can check out my competition. It keeps me on my toes and gives me an insight as to what clients currently want so I can focus my attention on learning the new tricks of the trade. Doing things this way has helped me to build a pretty unique portfolio over the years. Today I came across a website called Stylish Design, it’s The blog where web design and style have met. At first I thought I was going to come across a site, much like my own, where the main focus is the technology related blog and then web design solutions are offered in a different part. Eventually the design aspect of the site will over-power the domain but for now I’m content with how things currently are.

Stylish Design isn’t like that though. I was expecting to find templates and what-not but the site houses well written articles about many aspects of the Interweb, It’s primarily a seo blog offering up tips and tricks on how to properly get your site out there. A popular site isn’t just based on the beautiful design, it’s based on proper content with well written articles and that’s something that many bloggers are now starting to realize. The authors at Stylish Design have had this in their mindset since the beginning of their blog and have since written wonderful articles about everything you could need to know about the Internet. From SEO to Page Ranks and CSS and what-not in between – I’m sure you’ll find something of interest. Their design concept (in my opinion) is a little plain but minimalist is the IN thing so that works well for them. Their focus is on the content, and they do a pretty damn good job of it.


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