Skimping & Saving

With a very small balance in my bank account I’ve been taking my limited resources and still managing to maintain a clean environment.  I’m to the point where I’m low on supplies such as bleach, toilet bowl cleaners, sponges, detergent, fabric softener and other basic supplies.  So what do you do?  Go to Walmart and hope to bring home the cheapest items on the shelf just to get the job done?  NO! – You go to the local Dollar Tree and pick up all of your supplies for $1 a piece.  The reason I love this store is everything is actually a dollar.  It’s not like the $0.99 cent stores that you walk into where the only thing that’s $0.99 is a piece of candy.  No, you can pick up everything from cleaning supplies to school supplies and purchase these items in bulk for the wonderful price of $1 OR 10 for $1.  That’s $0.10c a piece, how could you NOT love that?

So in order for me to completely clean the house all week long it’s costing me exactly $10 every two weeks.  Every other Monday I head down and pick up some bleach, sponges (10pk), laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets (50 pack), toilet drop-ins, air freshener spray, the air freshener gel and maybe a candle or two just to keep things smelling clean and fresh.  Let’s not forget the ever-so-important paper towels and tissues.  So yes, it’s shopping on a budget that’s keeping me up to speed on cleaning the house without breaking the bank.

My only issue is with the toilet drop-ins.  They aren’t the name brand, you lift the lid off the back of the bowl and drop in the little blue disk.  Unfortunately it doesn’t hold up as well as they’re supposed to and the one I recently purchased wound up exploding in the bowl.  Not to the point that it like blew pieces all over the place, it just happened to break down in huge chunks instead of slowly getting smaller and the turn out is bits and pieces of this blue solution shooting out whenever you flush the toilet.  There are sections of blue that are now so stuck that I can’t even get to them to remove them so we’ve been flushing the toilet a little bit more just to loosen things up.  I figure if I throw another one in there it’ll move things along and hopefully put things back in less – odd – order.  The one in there is still doing it’s job properly, I still clean the bowl every three days, it’s just a pain in the butt having to get myself in there to try to dig out the piece that’s still causing all of the trouble – you know?

Eventually it will completely dissolve and I’ll be able to finally get rid of the ugly blue section that it’s leaving but for now it’s no big deal.


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