Road Trip!

NFRSean and I have set many goals for our relationship, so many that we’re probably going to need to win the lottery in order to achieve them all. Our biggest goal is to travel across the USA, making it a point to stop in every single state before returning home. We admit that it’s going to be a long trip, probably taking a few months to complete, but if we’re financially stable enough to accomplish it, then that’s the route we’re going to take. I’m still hoping to win that $46 Million PowerBALL Jackpot but I doubt that will ever happen. If it did happen, I already know exactly where I’d like to purchase property to build a custom home on. I also know I’m going to be spending some money on a fully loaded RV, how else am I going to travel the USA?

We’ll start by going South through Maryland and Virginia, eventually making it to Florida. We’ll then head towards Texas because I’ve always loved the idea of visiting there. I may even look into picking up National Rodeo Finals tickets because you can’t get more Texas than that!

From Texas we’ll work our way around to Arizona so I can visit Jackie for a couple of days and then we’ll take the trip to Vegas because I know for sure I’ve got free rooms at Harrah’s and Ceaser’s so that’s definitely worth the trip! After that we’ll work our way to both Northern and Southern California, we have friends and family to visit there. We’ll then take the “high route” through the mountains and head home. We’ll basically be weaving through everything but I’m certain we’ll get a lot of great scenery loaded into our digital cameras, and we’re making it a point to visit all of the best local shops. I’m not going to travel the US to live off fast food, I want to go where the locals go. I also want to know what’s so great about Chicago Pizza. I’m a New York girl, nothing can compare!

So yes, I’m going to travel the US with Sean and Bella, maybe even a second dog depending on the size of the RV and my ability to walk into a shelter and only walk out with ONE dog. That may be hard to accomplish, but I’ll do it.

Now, I just need to win the lotto, don’t I?


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