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Over the course of the next couple of days, I’m going to post quite a few articles in relation to the 89 best PC tips. This will include everything from Audio, iTunes, Email, Productivity, Mac OS X Tips & Tricks, Security, Travel, Video, the Web and even Media in general! This is a very well thought out and well written list originally from Laptop Mag. I enjoyed reading this article so much that I decided it was worth re-publishing. All of the original copyrights are in place, the next series of articles, titled 89 best PC tips, are completely credited to LaptopMag!

The following series of tips is in complete dedication to Performance.

#1 – Maximize Battery Life
Sure, Vista’s Aero interface is pretty, but these sleek graphics take a quicker toll on your battery life than XP ever did. To maximize your battery’s endurance, download the Vista Battery Saver at www.betterthaneveryone.com. This solution turns off the Aero effects when you disconnect your computer from the power outlet, and then turns them on again when you plug it back in.

#2 – Defrag to Reduce Disk Lag
After several months of heavy use, your laptop’s data files may be chopped up into fragments that are strewn around the hard drive. Accessing these fragmented files can be time-consuming. Windows includes a simple defrag utility, but a much better version can be found at Diskeeper 2008 Professional ($49.95 – www.diskeeper.com), which uses InvisiTasking and Frag Shield technologies to defrag your PC in real time and dynamically reduce the fragmentation of critical system files, resulting in more responsive performance.

Krissy’s Note –

I’ve personally used Diskeeper 2008 Professional and I have to say it’s absolutely, 100% worth the money. It really takes the strain off of your hard drive and I don’t think my laptop ever ran this fast when I first bought it, and I got it with only windows installed, none of the extras that manufacturers load on there. Now I have over 80 programs, 6 of which run on a regular basis, and my system runs at 100% peak performance. Take the time to use this program, you won’t regret it!


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