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Trade Shows One of my favorite things to do during the Spring and Summer months is head up to Laurel, DE and visit the local camp-grounds to look at trade show items. They vary from new ideas to ones that were improved on. I really enjoy finding new items, and I’m happy that I found a few resources online that will give me the opportunity to push my own.  There’s this site called where they provide promotional products and trade show items for business owners and really just about anyone interested in promoting their product or brand. I floated around the Apparel and the Office section, I figure with business cards on hand and things like bumper stickers, shirts, caps and even pens – I can really push my design business to the local companies in the area. Word of mouth advertising is just about the best thing in the world and if I can partner up with upcoming companies, even existing ones, there would be a solid flow of work coming in so I can pay my bills without any major concern in upcoming months. They aren’t expensive either, you can buy items in bulk for as low as $.50 cents a unit. Talk about affordable!


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