One of those days…

Today was pretty difficult for me. Not only have a few unsuspecting memories popped into my head, but work has kind of got me overwhelmed. Trying to balance three clients at once, when you thought you only had two when you woke up that morning, can prove to be a tad bit difficult – that’s for sure. I’m confident that I can accomplish everything I need to do, I just know I’m adding a fourth on Friday and I’m not too sure if I’ll be able to manage without wanting to rip my hair out (figuratively speaking – of course). I’ve recently said that to a friend of mine and her being of the slightly ditsy nature turned around and said “You’d look strange bald!”. Interesting child, to say the least.

In any event, I guess I should get my bum in gear. I do have a lot of updates to put through here, I’m also going to announce the launch of one of my newest network websites – I just hope to be able to get all of that accomplished before June.


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