New Opportunities

Thank YouIn the past week I was approved to work at a new Web Design company. Well, they aren’t new but it’s a new company for me. Things look pretty promising, I haven’t done much work yet but I had to work on a Sweat Equity project where I donate a template for them to give to potential clients looking for free templates, even premium ones. The first one I designed was a little over-the-top for them but I was told to archive it so I could use it later on. I don’t mind that though, at least I know it’ll be an easy project for me considering the bulk of the work is completed. I’ve already been asked to design a template for one of their business networking projects and while I don’t have that many ideas running through my head as of right now, I’m sure within the next day or so of spending some much-needed time in the garden, something will come to me.

Cards Direct What I really like is that when you become a Designer with this company, you’re provided with just about everything you’d need in regards to Business Cards, Letter Heads, Custom Envelopes and you can even access their supply of Logo’s to design your own Thank you Cards. When searching for initial template ideas I did poke around on, they have a lot of different templates to choose from, my favorite being the one I posted to the left. I know it looks a little bit on the plain side but I’m someone who really likes clean-lines and simplicity. It’s a simple white design with gold embellishments. There’s a lot of other ones to choose from, but I have to say that I like the fact that they give you the ability to customize your cards so you can use your own images and logos when sending out your notices. Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to over-customize things so that it’s easy to tell when something came from me. Sure, I could go and pick up a package of generic “Thank You” notices, but with my stamping abilities and special stickers for the envelopes – I can stand out in your boring stack of bills, let me tell you!


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