As I noted in a previous entry today, I’ve been floating around a lot of different websites in search for new and interesting ideas. I would also like to add a few more websites to my RSS reader (courtesy of Google of course) so finding any sites that will spark my interest are more than likely going to make it into my bookmarks. Today I found, it’s a blog for web design and being as I’ve done the same thing here on my own site. While there isn’t any major “Web Design” going on with this particular site, there are a lot of resources here for everything from improving your Google rankings to SEO. Based on it’s description, it’s a magazine styled web design related blog where the owner – Robert G – writes as much as he can about his projects, websites, marketing and SEO tips. I enjoyed going through all of the articles, I really like the way Robert has set the “featured article” on the header of the page. The current feature is “Using link popularity to boost your position” and after reading through it I have to say that anyone who’s new to any aspect of SEO would find this site to be a really good resource.

It’s worth checking out, trust me. Head on over to if you don’t believe me.


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