Looking Up!

I’ve been pretty productive today. I’m now a member of a new design company on a contract basis and based on how things have been going so far, I have to say that I’m feeling pretty confident that my time with this company will be well spent. A previous company that I out-sourced for wound up screwing me out of not only money but valuable time that I could have spent somewhere else. It’s a shame that I had to deal with that for so long but it’s another thing to add to my portfolio because I have to admit that a lot of the things I did for the company turned out very nicely. I also gained quite a few business contacts as well, so that should hopefully work out well for me in the end.

I haven’t been floating around on G.A.F. as much as I used to. I’m sure there are a few thousand projects there that would bring in some decent money for me but I’m not going to force it. I’m going to see what this current company has to offer me and then I’ll just take it from there. I’m really excited to work with them, I applied on a whim just trying to get my name out there and within about a week I was filling out paperwork and contract agreements with them. I was surprised that everything went so smoothly when my email decided to cooperate with me. Now I’m just happy with the situation in general.

Sean is doing very well too right now. For the past couple of years he’s been working on a social networking site that’s supposed to trump MySpace as far as features go. He’s in the process of putting the final touches on things and hopefully they’ll be launching the site sometime within the next couple of weeks. He was just accepted as a tester and plug-in programmer for another company that’s the #1 provider of an out-of-the-box Social Networking script as well. And to add even more to his busy life, Jackie has thrown some eCommerce work his way for a custom script as well.

So as of right now, it’s pretty safe to say that Sean and I are going to have a pretty busy summer. It’s certainly something to look forward to. And while I’m sure that the Interview I went on a few weeks ago won’t work out for me, I’m confident that working at home together won’t be that bad. We’ll both be busy and money is going to come in pretty well for us so that’ll keep us off of each other’s nerves. I know before I can really do any work on the Mac I’m going to have to buy a new desk chair. When it comes to the graphics design aspect of things, I know it’d be easier to work on that, but when the chair is so horrible it’s impossible to sit for longer than 10 minutes, it’s not worth the effort. Hopefully in a few weeks time I’ll have enough money to get myself a new chair and really start appreciating the Mac for everything it has to offer me.

One can only hope, right?


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