Keeping Busy

I’m the kind of person who likes to keep myself busy. Unfortunately, for the past few days I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to stretch some bills around so I can take the little money I have and invest it in a new place to house my websites. I’m not talking about the server aspect of things, I’m talking more along the lines of my reseller account. I house all of my personal and business related sites on a different server. This way if something goes down it’s easy for clients to still get in touch with me. It was a move I made about 2 years ago and it’s worked out pretty well for me since then. Unluckily for me – I’m housing the sites with an absolutely horrible company but at the time it was all I could really afford. I initially purchased these plans about 5 years ago, before the “In Thing” to do was give customers a vast amount of server resources for practically no money. I don’t think it’s great to charge $10 a month for the resources one would get on a dedicated server, but since I don’t run things that way – it’s the reason I’m hurting. I don’t think anyone is ever going to use 10GB of disk space and 2TB of bandwidth every month, if their sites are that large they’ve got to be doing SOMETHING illegal. Whether it be photo hosting of copyrighted celebrity images, or just eating bandwidth by direct linking everywhere, something just isn’t right – in my eyes at least.

Either way this hasn’t stopped me from trying to move things around. While I’m looking into the best web hosting that I can find, I’m still making it a point to house my sites with a company that I know will be around for a while and has the proper systems in place for any and all downtime possibilities that my arise in the future.


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