Cash Advance for Tires

Hopefully in the next couple of months I’ll be able to look into Car Loans. It’s my goal to make enough money to pay off my existing personal loan and then continuing to send out $300 a month to get myself a new car. For the past few months I’ve been driving Sean’s and while it gets me to where I have to go, it would be nice to have something to call my own. As I’ve noted in the past, I’ve been looking into the Chevy Cobalt Sedan. A few people have asked why I don’t just get the coupe but from my experience with cars, the Sedan usually offers a bit more room and for those long trips up to New York it would work out better for Sean and I considering Bella likes to roam around the car and it would be pretty easy to stick her into a larger back seat. Another plus would be the ability to switch off and doze in the back seat for when my eyes start to burn from concentrating on the road too long. Sean and I have already said that our next trip up there will go much smoother because the 5 hour drive can be broken down in 2 1/2 shifts for each of us. I can handle the DE and NJ end of things, he can take over for the second half of getting us out of NJ and into NY.

We just can’t do that with his car right now, he desperately needs tires. I was pulled over the other day because my tires spun out in a rocky area and the cop happened to be sitting right behind me at the light. He stuck a quarter into all four tires and saw that there was literally no tread left on them and I had to talk my way out of a ticket informing him that it wasn’t my car and I had no idea that there was even a problem with the tires. Something tells me that I’m going to have to take out a Cash Advance on my credit card so we can get new tires for the car. I’m close to being maxed out on one card so I’d have to take the money off two cards in order to be able to afford the $300+ for four tires.

Not a good time to be broke, let me tell you.


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