Getting an IT Certification

IT Certification Sean and I are both pretty interested in getting ourselves back into school. We both want to focus on the Computer Science aspect of things, but obviously we’d like to specialize in certain areas. He’s more into Programming so he’d look into a degree in that field specifically. I’d like to get one in the Web Design field. I know I’ve been involved in this field for 10 years but without a piece of paper showing my skills it’s hard to find a job down here. I’ve been considering certificate courses, while they aren’t a full-fledged degree – they do at least give me a piece of paper noting that I’ve dedicated the time and money in the attempt of getting a piece of paper proving what I’m capable of. That, I would hope, could get me in the door so I could work enough to eventually afford to enroll in a full-time college and earn my Bachelors in Computer Science. For now, I may pick up my IT Certification from I can choose from a Microsoft Certification, COMPTIA Certification, Cisco Certification and a few other different programs. I’m not really sure which one I’d choose in the end but I think just having the Microsoft Certification would be all I need to at least get my foot in the door…right?


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